Vocational Training in Trentino

Today, the vocational training system represents about a quarter of the Trentino school offer, with 30 centers and 6,100 students to which the Province allocates about 54 million euro each year.

25% of middle school graduates choose vocational schools (32% technical institutes, 44% high schools) and the percentage of employment among students aged 16 to 27 reaches 85% for young people who earn a diploma and professional qualifications.

Vocational education and training offer opportunities for cultural enrichment and technical-professional skills in an integrated fashion. These training paths are based on laboratory activities closely linked to production world and on systematic internship and “school-to-work” program opportunities. At the end of a three-year period, students earn a professional academic title which allows them access to the labor market, in a variety of operational roles.

By attending an additional year (fourth), students can earn a professional diploma, which is useful to access to technical-operative job opportunities offering a greater degree of independence and responsibility. Graduates may eventually have access to a special annual preparation course in order to take the final state examination of vocational education.