How to invest in Trentino
The One-Stop-Shop of Trentino Sviluppo

We know how many important choices must be made for the management of a company, whether large or small, to start a business. Trentino Sviluppo is here for this: the in-house company of the provincial government that will accompany you in your investment project, building a value proposition based on your specific needs.

Here are some of our accompanying services:

  • support in finding the technical and scientific skills required by the project;
  • support in finding the necessary personnel for the project;
  • proposal and selection of industrial spaces;
  • support in the development of partnerships and supply chains;
  • services for internationalization: information desk and sector / market analysis, strategic paths for internationalization, International Coaching, exploration and scouting missions, international networking;
  • Innovation Academy: training program on topics such as business strategy, business financing, marketing, intellectual property;
  • support in the selection of specific economic and / or financial instruments and in the search for investment capital;
  • support for administrative procedures;
  • participation in national (CFI) and European projects (H2020, KiC, VanguardInitiative) also in partnership with local companies.