Living in Trentino
Living in Trentino, living Trentino

From the early 2000s to the present day, Trento has always been included in the list of excellence of Italian cities as concerns the “quality of life” ranking.

The regional capital ranked first 9 times. Hardly an unexpected result, stemming from work carried out on a structural level and started more than a decade ago.

Environment and Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of the strong assets of the Trentino production system. The region made huge investments to strengthen green technologies, to the point that the Trentino Alto Adige region ranks at the top of the national green companies list prepared by Fondazione Imprese.

Not just Work, but also and above all Family

Living Trentino means not only to “bet” on this land to grow one’s company, but also to grow one’s family.

Trentino, with its high sustainability standards, as well as excellent services and environmental conditions, is a land to be enjoyed every day.

Culture and Leisure Time

Quality of life also means culture and leisure. In Trentino, you can find some of the most avant-garde museums in the world, such as the MUSE Science Museum in Trento, designed by Renzo Piano; the MART Museum of Modern Art in Rovereto; the Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento, and … much more.

Festivals taking place all year long attract experts and tourists from many countries. One above all, the Festival of Economics, but also the Oriente Occidente Festival, or the Sounds of the Dolomites.

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Healthcare System

The Trentino health and social welfare system is one of the best at national and European level.

17 public and private hospitals, 13 accredited welfare and healthcare facilities, 538,000 individuals treated are just some of the numbers that testify to the quality of service guaranteed to those who live or are temporarily staying in Trentino.

The Proton Therapy Center has been operational since 2014, and is a highly specialized facility dedicated to the treatment of tumors through the use of sophisticated and innovative technology.