Enterprises Reception
Trentino Sviluppo

To be sure, Trentino Sviluppo is the standard-bearer of business hospitality in Trentino. Trentino Sviluppo is the company of the Autonomous Province of Trento created to promote the sustainable growth of the Trentino system.

Trentino Sviluppo provides assistance to companies at all stages of their establishment: search for qualified personnel, relationships with research institutions, identification of areas and buildings, relationship with the Autonomous Province, access to credit, and much more.

Trentino Film Commission

When it comes to audio/video productions, the Trentino Film Commission is the name to bear in mind.

Since 2010, TFC promotes and supports both Italian and foreign film, television and documentary productions, with the aim of enhancing and disseminating Trentino's cultural, environmental and historical heritage. 

Fly - From the Airbus Engine to the Ariane 5 Carrier Rocket

It happens rarely, but sometimes it happens indeed: David beats Goliath. It is the tale of Leicester, the football team coached by Claudio Ranieri...

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Snow Even Above Zero Celsius Degrees? Now, It is Possible

Fresh and compact artificial snow even if the thermometer marks 10 Celsius degrees? It is not the utopia of winter sports lovers...

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